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Company Profile

Fast Freight Marconi S.p.A. has been formed in 2009 by Airport Authority of Bologna Airport. Fast Freight Marconi is the reference cargo handling agent at the Airport of Bologna.

It deals in particular with documentary and physical handling of import and export  cargo.
The Company’s purpose is the exercise of all activities related or complementary to the transport of goods, including transportation by air, combined and / or intermodal and ancillary services such as customs procedures
The Company has a term until December 31, 2050 and may be extended.


Fast Freight Marconi SPA  is 100% owned by Aeroporto “G.  Marconi” of Bologna SpA.: 100%

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Corporate Officers

On 13/3/2019, following the resignation of the company’s Director, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed a Board of Directors, consisting of three members, who will remain in force until the approval of the Financial Statements which will close on December 31, 2021.The board members are dr. Enrico Postacchini, with the office of Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors, dr. Marco Verga, Managing Director and Employer, and Eng. Giancarlo Guarrera, Councilor.The administration of the Company is entrusted to the Responsible for Coordination and Management, appointed by a notarial deed dated 21/03/2019. The Responsible for Coordination and Management reports on its work to the Board of Directors, with a specific quarterly report.The current Responsible for Coordination and Management, Dr. Silvia Arceci, will be in charge until revoked.


On 2018, Mar 12th the shareholdings Assembly appointed the Board of Auditors; their three-year term will expire in 2021 at the date of approval of financial statement 2020, Dec 31st.
President: Bruno Scarcella
Actual Auditors: Carmelo Caruso, Antonio Gaiani
Substitute Auditors: Romana Romoli, Vincenzo Urbini


Independent Auditors

Ernst & Young S.p.A.

Corporate financial statements:

Bilancio civilistico: 2017, 2018, 2019