Use this platform if you want to report

Behavior carried out in violation of: Ethical code, Model 231, laws, regulations, provisions of the Authorities, internal regulations in any case suitable for causing damage or prejudice, even if only in terms of image, to FFM.

The company guarantees the confidentiality of the reporting, unless made in absence of good faith. The Whistleblowing IT platform supports both nominative reports and anonymous reports. In the case of nominative reports, in which the personal data of the whistleblower is required, the system, managed by a third party company, at the time of sending the report, separates the personal data of the whistleblower from the data relating to the report. The contents of the report are managed by authorized personnel to follow up on the report, while the personal data are kept in a separate archive managed by the supplier. The whistleblower who does not wish to provide his identity in any case, can use the anonymous report, which however requires a more complex investigation to verify the validity of the same, which could therefore be rejected if it does not contain all the necessary elements.

As an alternative to the platform, you can send paper reports to the following email address:

Supervisory Office – personal confidentiality

Fast Freight Marconi S.p.A.

Via Triumvirato, 84

40132 Bologna


In the event that the report concerns the Supervisory Office itsels or the Office has a potential interest related to the report such as to compromise its impartiality and independence of judgment, the whistleblower can contact the following address: 

FFM Head Office – personal confidential

G. Marconi Airport of Bologna S.p.A.

Via Triumvirato, 84

40132 Bologna

Follow te link to access the Whistleblowing Platform or

Download the policy FFM Whistleblowing 2023 and the Privacy Note