Fast Freight Marconi, Bologna Interporto and Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, joined in a Temporary Association of Purposes, are the sustainers of LOGISANA project, sponsored by the town of Bentivoglio.
The primary objective of the project is to create infrastructure to support established companies and start-ups that intend to enter the logistics of health services, in order to create new business model and streamline distribution processes of pharmaceutical products and biological samples.
The Town of Bentivoglio has a natural territorial vocation to this type of intervention, as in its territory has been operating for years a well-established supply chain logistics.
The project thus aims to further structure and operationalize the territorial based on logic network to support the healthcare logistics “hub and spoke”, implemented and made functional thanks to synergic operation of the centralized infrastructure of logistics and clinical research centers of excellence, with the integrated management of logistics processes of healthcare supply thanks to ICT technologies, including facilitating the development of new enterprises through training and consulting services


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