Live Animals, Perishables, DGR

Live Animals

Fast Freight Marconi has all necessary facilities to allow, to private and companies, to easily manage special handling such as: Liva Animals, Perishables, Human Remains, Organ for transplants, Dangerous Goods.

Live animals:
Although long transit rest areas for animal are not available, Fast Freight Marconi is able to accommodate live animals in import and export for stopovers. A rest up to 2 hours before flight departure time it’s allowed; it is strongly suggested the presence of the consignee upon arrival flight for import animals, but there is wide availability to house animals waiting for cnee. The staff of Fast Freight Marconi, in compliance with the IATA courses and in compliance with the LAR rules, is responsible in preparing departing as well as the arrival of animals. Fast Freight Marconi is responsible on behalf of major carriers of all mandatory verification regarding the suitability of the approved transport boxes as well as  documentation required by the airlines and the states of destination.

in Fast Freight Marconi it’s always possible to take advantage of cold storage and freezer. The cells, temperature-controlled and variable, are monitored and serviced daily to ensure customers precise temperatures and maximum hygiene.

Human remains:
there is a burial chamber that can accommodate a maximum of 2 Human Remain simultaneously. Air conditioned system ensures stable temperature even in the warmer months.

Dangerous goods:
Inside the warehouse a dedicated and certified room for DGR it’s available. In compliance with IATA regulations, Table 9.3A, the goods are stored observing the rules of incompatibility.
FFM staff, all certified class 6, can fix discrepancies on documentation (not on shipper’s declaration) labeling and packaging. All risk and handling labels are available.
FFM staff is in charge for all the major carriers in completing the Checklist; with on-line connection with GOM and CHM of major carriers operating at the airport (Lufthansa, British, Turkish, Aeroflot, Pegasus, Air Portugal …), the FFM staff documents the correct application of the Embargo List of countries of departure/transit/arrival; OK to Forward are checked step by step; shipper and consignee are continuously updated in order to fix documents and certificates discrepancies.
Thanks to DGR certification class 7/8, the warehouse staff can fix packages to make them ready for Carriage, where breakage/damage is such to not have affected the ok to forward. Pallets, straps, nylon, film, strings, angular: all the necessary material is available to ensure the departure of the Dangerous Goods in respect of booking.