Warehouse and Security Checks

As well as the office staff, also warehouse staff it is trained and certified in compliance with IATA rules and in compliance with all requirements of the Airlines.

In addition to security and safety certificates, all staff of the warehouse is certified to handle dangerous goods category 7/8; all staff is trained and certified in build up pallet by Lufthansa and UPS.
All warehouse staff is trained and certified in the handling of export goods, weighing, repackaging to ensure cargo is Ready For Carriage; for goods in import are carried out activities of check-in, weighing, assistance to customs inspection, express and dedicated loads providing support material (wooden pallets, rope, nylon, axes…)
Inside the warehouse the security check service is always available. This service is provided in full respect of the National Security Program of the Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), EU regulations and requirements and TSA rules.

The security checks are performed with latest generation system of x-ray machines, ETD…