Customs Warehouse (MTC)


Fast Freight Marconi it’s committed by Local Customs in the management of the Customs warehouse (MTC) where the extra UE goods are stocked awaiting for all customs clearance formality to be done.

The introduction in the customs warehouse is via electronic track message MMA; this, issued by FFM, interfaces with the customs IT system Aida, issueing a “A3” nr, a unique code for each shipment.
Within the customs area MTC, equipped with cold storage, mortuary, dangerous goods DGR dedicated room, veterinary rooms … shipments are subject to customs or other relevant agencies inspection (Air Health, Veterinary, plant pathologist …) if required by the current regulations, before customs clearance.
Thanks to the automatic registration of shipments before they “physically” arrive in FFM’s warehouse, to the issuance of the A3 nr, to the fast and detailed check of the goods (with strict reporting of discrepancies, damage, shortages …), FFM has helped in significantly lower the average nr of days of warehousing, making them available to the final cnee in a few hours.
Also thanks to CESR (FFM Customs Clearance Office), a direct connection between carriers, warehouse, customs has been started by Fast Freight Marconi in 2009; the customer has the opportunity to clear their goods in time a few years ago unimaginable.