About us

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Fast Freight Marconi SpA, 100% owned by Airport Authority, is the cargo handler agent of reference at the airport of Bologna (take a look at our organization chart).

Born in 2009 from the need to restructure and modernize the Cargo Service of Bologna Airport, Fast Freight Marconi employs highly specialized staff equipped with all necessary (and not) certificates to provide a service that not only meets the increasingly specific needs of all Airlines and International Freight Forwarders, but also caters to the needs of privates who are increasingly exploiting the possibilities offered by Cargo Services
The acceptance and handling operations staff has expertise and proven experience in all subjects (IATA, ICAO, IATA DGR and ADR, Enac Rules…) regarding air freight and IT tools to support them (Horus, Mosasik View, Unisys, EasyBooking, RFSO PAL, Jettainer, Tango, CHM, GOM, Arco …)
This, in addition to warehouse facilities, is the reasons why Fast Freight Marconi SPA makes available all the services necessary to assist all types of goods with the highest standards of quality and safety. All services are provided in accordance with actual laws and regulations according to operating protocols that are also controlled by the Airport Authority

Some of our services:

Documental Handling (all IATA msg provided)
Import and Export Physical handling 
General Cargo and Customs Warehouse
Special Handlings (DGR, AVI, VAL, VUN, HUM, PER ecc.)
Security checks as Enac Regulated Agent (EU database)
Logistics and Transport 
Customs Clearance