From Indianapolis to Misano Adriatico, via Bologna.

The Moto GP has long chosen Fast Freight Marconi as handler of all equipment in support of Grand Prix in Misano Adriatico. Every season: 5 Boing 747, more than 120 aircraft pallet downloaded and splitted, operability non-stop from 2 am to 18 pm, to ensure that the Grand Prix, year after year, could take place smoothly. And if the bikes came in top secret sealed boxes and technical equipment aroused little curiosity, the safety cars were the host, attracting the attention of everyone.
Staff from FFM, thanks to the Build Up certifications, is able to manage (both import and export) any contour (shape) of pallet; with the important support of curtain rolled, uplifting platforms, ad hoc transporter, pallets handling is immediate and no transport foreclosed