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Fast Freight Marconi S.p.A. has been formed in 2009 by Airport Authority of Bologna Airport. Fast Freight Marconi is the reference cargo handling agent at the Airport of Bologna. It deals in particular with documentary and physical handling of import and export  cargo.
The Company’s purpose is the exercise of all activities related or complementary to the transport of goods, including transportation by air, combined and / or intermodal and ancillary services such as customs procedures
The Company has a term until December 31, 2050 and may be extended.


Fast Freight Marconi SPA  is 100% owned by Aeroporto “G.  Marconi” of Bologna SpA.: 100%

The shareholders of Aeroporto “G. Marconi” di Bologna S.p.A.:

Shareholders Fast Freight Marconi

Corporate Officers

The Administration of the Company is managed by a CEO, appointed by the Assembly. The CEO reports on his work to the Assembly with a specific quarterly report. The CEO, appointed for three years, unless the members agree otherwise upon appointment, and is renewable. The CEO is entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with his office.
The current CEO, Dr. Nazzarena Maria Franco, director of the owner company Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna SpA, was appointed by the Shareholding assembly held on 19/04/2013 and will be in office until the date of approval of the Financial Statements at 31 December 2015.
In the same session, the Assembly established a total compensation for the CEO, amounting to EUR65,000 gross of any revenue taxes and security and welfare taxes, in addition to reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of functional activities. In adherence to the company policy of the Air Authority Company on the compensation of executives with positions at subsidiaries companies, compensation it is not paid to the person but must be paid to Airport G. Marconi di Bologna SpA according to art. 50 paragraph 1 letter b) of Presidential Decree 917/86.


On 2015, Feb 16th 2015 the shareholdings Assembly appointed the Board of Auditors; their three-year term will expire in 2018 at the date of approval of financial statement 2017, Dec 31st.
President: Bruno Scarcella
Actual Auditors: Manuela Sist, Monica Marisaldi
Substitute Auditors: Romana Romoli, Vincenzo Urbini.

Independent Auditors

Ernst & Young S.p.A.

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